Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enchanted Events & Balloons

I just thought i would share some things that are going on with me at the moment..
Things are a bit quiet on the home front,
but there are a few things in the air...

I am in the process of opening up a shop in Gunnedah.
Ive been operating my business Back to Balloons for 8 Years
and Wedding Elegance for 6 or 7 Years from home.
Its been really great!
Ive been home for when my kids get home from school
and we have all shared so much time together.
It was a wonderful business to do from home, with plenty of money coming in and no overheads.

But now Emelia is away at school and Josh is working,
Im really looking for some more stimulation.
So i decided to take the next step and move into the CBD.

At the moment, Im still gathering quotes and things on shop fit out.
There is another lady coming in with me to share the premises..
She has a Beauticians, so that's really awesome!
No excuses any more for that way ward monobrow!!! haha

Its a slow process though, its like 2 steps forward 1 1/2 steps back 
but surely its all going to come together soon.

The new venture will be called Enchanted Events & Balloons.
I cant wait, I can see it all in my head and it looks AWESOME!
I decided today that i want to do a Zebra Print feature wall!!! Hehe
How groovy is that!!!
Watch this space, will share more as it happens!!

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