Sunday, July 25, 2010

Balloon People

You can do some amaising things with balloons!!!
Its just up to your imagination!!!

First we have some simple balloon walkers
Filled with Helium and air
these will walk around the room
and sneak up on you.....
If your not keen on your balloon people walking,
than we also have these adorable couples...
Bride and Groom Columns
made to suit your wedding theme...
Then if you really want to get carried away...
This balloon angel is awesome!!!
Standing about 7 foot high
she will delight anyone who sees her....
All the way from the Middle East
we have an Arabian Knight!!!
Complete with an Onion Dome Temple...
It takes hundreds of balloons to make these guys
but are awesome to see
The Knight is about 7-8 foot
and the onion dome about 10 foot!
And a waiter...
This bloke is made from all latex balloons...
He can stand at the front of your function
to welcome all your guests...
With the amount of time and the balloons involved in making these guys,
they aren't cheap!
But they certainly bring the WOW factor!!!!
The air walkers are $60 a pair,
the balloon bride and Groom $120 pair
The Angel in $80
The Arabian Knight & waiter are around $300-$400
depending on your individual requirements....
But all well worth every penny!!