Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Balloons from Qualatex

My Balloon Supplier has bought out a heap of new balloons to be used in
Bouquets and as decorations for functions....
Take a look!!!!

Look at this cute Duck...
This can be used in a new baby bunch or a novelty birthday bunch...
This bunch including the cute balloon duck base
would be about $70.
There is the giant shape balloon, two foils, two printed and base balloon.
This is a wonderful bunch for a girls 21st!!
Thats a giant shape 21st balloon with 6 printed latex on a balloon present base...
This bunch would cost

I love the new giant polka dots balloons....
Here they are used with a giant shape cake foil balloon
two 20" insider dots balloons with four printed latex balloons

Here is a great bunch if you really like your boss!!!
Onviously i dont provide the potplant on the base, but i can do something up..
But for the giant shape crown, two foils and four latex. No fancy base

I reacon this birthday candle column is awesome!!
What a great gift for someone...
No cheap though.....

These champaigne bottles are actually inside the balloon!!
How great is that!!!
Then the bottle on the base
Great for celebrations...

Isnt this Happy Birthday Bouquet awesome!!!

New Baby with teddy bear base

More New Baby Balloons
with a giant dummy!!!

Get Well Bouquet

Giant Shape Birthday Bouquet
$70 with base
Happy Birthday Bouquet with cute base

Isnt this the cutest thing yourve seen!!!!

Also, my coleague Vicki from Inverell made these awesome 21st bunches
Some wonderful ideas for decorations...

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